Released October 2022
Blackbird Press

Mira Hadlow’s highly anticipated second book is nothing short of a battle cry. This unapologetic collection of poetry explores themes of sexual assault, power, and the anguish that accompanies the road to healing. Red leaves no stone unturned in the search for inner peace. Mira Hadlow takes the reader on an emotional journey from trauma to a place of profound power, and shines a light into the darkest places of the soul.

As Muses Burn

Released December 2020
Blackbird Press

Mira Hadlow's debut collection of poetry and prose goes beyond the experience of finding and losing love, and dives into what it means to discover the beauty in the in-between places. She explores the negative space in relationships, and asks the reader to embark on a journey of peace and growth throughaccepting the grey areas of love and loss.

Articles & Anthologies

Rise From Within

300 South Media Group

Contributing Author

Rise From Within is an anthology that encompasses the stories and portrayals of starting over, clawing back from nothing, facing devastation, and overcoming the odds--the way true warriors and survivors do. It is a complete resurrection from the past with promises of new beginnings.

Through The Looking Glass

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Contributing Author

Join 158 writers and artists from across the globe as they journey Through the Looking Glass to unveil the truth about life with mental illness. Diverse, raw, and urgent, the poetry, prose, and art work in this anthology dig deep into the experience of living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other neurodivergent conditions, as well as the challenges of loving someone who struggles with such an illness. Full of hope and despair, acceptance and rebellion, the creativity contained within these pages reflects the reality that we cannot walk around or behind the looking glass, but must walk through it unflinchingly to educate, foster compassion, and reduce the stigma so often associated with mental illness.

I choose my daughter over my parents and their god

Rebelle Society


"My parents and I had a series of arguments over their religious beliefs, my daughter’s orientation, and my belief that her orientation wasn’t about them. It ended our relationship."

This Is How We Heal The Child

Rebelle Society

Contributing Author

"Every approach that we can think of feels like a redundant exercise in wallowing. Exacerbating the issue by poking at a sliver and inflaming it, because we don’t have a blade to cut it out. Just talk? Tell the stories? To what end? Self-care? Bubble baths and exercise and healthy food? Well, yes, these things help, but they are often a stop-gap that really just equates to pain management."


Mira Hadlow is an outspoken Canadian writer, self proclaimed romantic, and champion for the underdog.

After an abusive relationship rendered her permanently deaf, she turned to writing as a path to healing and has become passionate about being a voice for the voiceless. Mira believes in ferocious vulnerability, unapologetic truth, and bravely facing ones shadow side. She believes the path to healing is found by learning to sit with -and make room for- grief, fear, and sorrow.

Mira is a quirky, creative soul and you can usually find her renovating a kitchen, losing her cup of coffee for the forty seventh time, or picking a fight with an authority figure.


"As Muses Burn" is nothing short of courageous and soulful. This collection is a triumph of love and lessons learned and the yearning we all feel for true authentic connection.Mira articulates the muses of a woman's heart in all of it's glorious brokenness. Her words reach out for the deepest parts of the soul. A remembering of truth, pain, love and that we are each a unique and beautiful tapestry of divine chaos.

-Shannon Kelly
Creator and Editor
Vintage Gypsy Magazine

"As a reader, as a writer, as a human, I am fortunate to know the words of Mira Hadlow. As Muses Burn by Mira Hadlow is a fresh offering of fire. A blessing. And she, too, knows this blessing. In the author’s own words of power, “I have been most blessed by what was meant to destroy me”.As Muses Burn is a gift of love, and Mira Hadlow’s words define love for me."

- William S. Friday
Author of "A Death on Skunk Street" and "Between Love and Orgasms".
Editor and Co-Publisher, Silver Star Laboratory.

"The Emily Dickenson of our era; a post that has long been waiting for someone to fill it. The titles are graceful and precise. The words deliver on promises made by the title. The meanings wrapped in a perfect harmony of thought and feeling. Not a breath or syllable wasted, not a sigh unfelt. Emily [Dickenson] said just enough and no more and Mira shares that trait with her."

-Ron Carpenter


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